Project Description

We’d worked with LoveCohen for a few years on other projects but this project was specifically for the LoveCohen Group. Our assignment was The branding was entirely typographical with a twist on Times Roman. Simple is often the best. We created all corporate printed materials. The website was more about design and UI, since it had to be eye-catching. We had never seen video used as a background and decided to code a custom video that would work well with this idea. At a time when video was hard to implement across all platforms we were successful and our client’s customer’s gave glowing feedback.
What the client said…

“WOW! We are proud to have been one of the very first webiste’s to use video as a page background. Thank you so very much! Your cutting edge design has enabled us to showcase our videos in a wholey unique way on the home page, and the artwork and graphics are nothing short of inspired!  We have had numerous compliments on our new website and have referred everyone to SiliconStudio!” Donna Love, Co-Founder of LoveCohen Group