SiliconStudio Icon MarketingOnline marketing is our first consideration when designing a new website or re-designing an existing site.  It’s great to have a beautiful and well-crafted website but if no one gets to see it, your ROI is wasted.

A SiliconStudio built website will have already been optimized for Google, Bing and Yahoo Searches (SEO) and typically this includes optimization of page titles, keywords or long-tail phrases, headings, text and media content. We also take into account your top competitor’s online presence and what marketing tools they are using and to what effect. The result of all this gives your site a higher organic search position when potential customers search for your chosen keywords on search engines.  A higher page rank position helps drive more traffic to your site.

Internet Marketing tools and tactics

At our disposal is a large array of marketing tools and techniques that can be implemented in a well thought out marketing strategy. With our years of experience and up-to-date knowledge of the ever-changing online landscape, we have a pretty good idea of what works best for companies in given situations and market-places.

Some of the marketing tools we use to great effect!

Content Marketing:

    • The aim of content marketing is to establish your authority in your particular industry.  We do this by creating website content using text, illustrations, images or even video to put your message across to potential customers.  Getting this right by establishing your position as an expert greatly contributes to your search engine ranking and helps establish your value. SiliconStudio can either help you create content or we can work with you to achieve this.

Landing page optimization:

    • Perhaps the most effective method for converting new customers is a specifically designed landing page or sometimes referred to as a sales funnel. This is especially true when integrated as part of a marketing plan. In this context, the aim of this page differs somewhat from the purposes of a home page. The landing page is a highly relevant page with original content that is specifically geared to increase sales conversions when compared to other pages on your site which serve other purposes. SiliconStudio has been especially successful in achieving conversion rates up to 22%.

Paid Advertising:

    • While SEO can take time to achieve the results that you expect, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising can be a faster route in driving customers to your website. With PPC ads you are only paying for every visitor to your site that clicks on your ad. With Google’s PPC product, paid ads will always appear at the top of your search listing. PPC ads also have a time advantage over SEO. You can change your PPC campaign in hours to adjust to market conditions.

SiliconStudio creates and manages PPC ad campaigns, design ads and provides regular custom analytics in order to track your marketing performance and check alignment with your campaign goals.

Social media:

    • Is about building relationships by engaging your customers. You can promote the content marketing that you have created to a wider audience through Facebook and Twitter. Your social media will also benefit your search engine rankings. Like SEO it’s a slow start building your audience but worthwhile in the long term provided it is part of your marketing strategy. SiliconStudio also extends your branding to these platforms by designing your social pages (Header graphics, brand mark and page backgrounds, when allowed) If you’re a media company we create your own branded channels on YouTube and Vimeo.


    • If you’re targeting local customers, Google ‘my business’ is ideal in helping customers find you anywhere. Add your branding, maps, reviews and contact details. After Google verifies your details see the difference it makes to your local search listing.

Mailing Databases:

    • Nothing works better for growing your business than traditional email marketing. Some hate it but managed correctly your customers will welcome emails and newsletters from you when they physically subscribed to your email database from your website. Harvesting email addresses through your website yields much higher conversion rates than simply buying email databases from a 3rd party as nearly everyone hates being spammed and it can harm your brand.


  • All SiliconStudio built websites are responsive, they perform equally on desktop and mobile devices alike. That’s only a part of the mobile experience.  Say you need an emergency plumber; chances are that you’d use your smartphone to locate a local plumber. The last thing you need is to wade through loads of content. You just need a phone number. For clients that offer emergency services we create and optimize a landing funnel. The call to action would be the plumber’s phone number. SiliconStudio can make sure that this page is specifically listed in searches.

Hope is not a strategy. Let’s talk marketing strategy.