Custom built Website design and development

SiliconStudio Icon Responsive Web DesignOver the years we have developed a website design methodology which ensures that the custom made website we create for you is a website that you and your customers will love. It’s also easy to navigate, works across all devices, contains accurate and engaging marketing content and is thoroughly tested. Most importantly your website can be easily found by all major search engines.

6 simple steps in creating your new Website Design

6 simple steps in creating your new Website Design

Before we get your project underway we start with your brief or we interview you so that we can drill down a specification which enables us to plan your project accurately, calculate build man hours and your quote.


    • We research your competition and your industry. Competitor’s design styles and keywords used.


    • From the results of Discovery we create a working website design specification. This includes how your site is structured and its layout. From here we create a pixel perfect full size image of your home page and a content page.


    • On your own development site which is hidden from search engines we build and code your functional website. You get to see how your website design is progressing in real-time. We optimize your content and keywords for search engines. Further optimization for website and database speed.


    • We test your website design across desktop, mobile devices and all major web browsers. When you’re happy with your new website design we transfer your site to live hosting.

Launch GO LIVE!

  • With your new website up and running we notify search engines of the presence of your new site so that search engines can start indexing your site. The sooner your site is indexed the faster it can be found on major search engines.

SiliconStudio will closely monitor your website for 30 days to check that everything is running as expected. If any problems arise, they get fixed.

Post website Launch

At launch time your new website design has been backed up and a safety copy held by us or we can send you a DVD backup. Because we thoroughly test your site it will be last a considerable time. Some of our customers have the same content on their site for 10 years. Since nothing is foolproof, its still a good idea to have your site maintained to guard against hacking, hardware failure of your hosting company and SEO updated current with a changing market. Have a look at some of the maintenance options you might like to consider to safeguard your new website:

Website Maintenance plan:

website maintenance

On a regular basis, we perform a site-wide check, apply security and plugin updates where necessary and backup your database and entire website. This helps prevent your site from being hacked and ensures that your site can be fully restored in a short while in the event that your hosting service fails. Costs vary depending on plan frequency and website size.

SEO Maintenance plan:

seo maintenance

As search engine algorithms constantly change and your competitors change their SEO tactics, it’s important to keep your website up to date and react to changing market conditions. Our SEO maintenance plans are usually monthly and guarantee a fixed amount of time assigned to your website to keep you ahead of your competitors.

Social Marketing:

Social media maintenance

Depending on your business, Social marketing might be an integral part of your marketing strategy. For many clients we setup and create Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook pages with custom designed templates to promote your brand. If you’re not running your own social accounts, SiliconStudio maintains Social accounts on a regular basis. It’s important that Social is kept fresh and up to date. Social Marketing Maintenance costs will vary depending on depth and update frequency.

Domain Names & Hosting:

website hosting and domains

For our clients, reliable and fast website hosting is a must. Your website should always be reliable and secure. You want your website to display fast with almost zero down-time.

We don’t believe a web design agency should also be your hosting company. How can an agency run its own servers and provide you with the best converting online presence. From years of experience, we don’t believe they can. Your agency should be concentrating on web design, not building and maintaining servers. If your servers aren’t up to speed Google will rank you accordingly. Bad news for rankings!

After years of dealing with various hosting companies, we’ve now teamed up with A Small Orange Hosting Service and in our opinion, the best Hosting Company in the industry. Our customers have the flexibility to choose and change hosting plans as they grow without being tied to a design agency.

If you’re looking for superb web hosting and reliable email click here for plans from low cost low density shared servers, VPS Cloud to maintained dedicated servers, that will meet your budget with great value and performance.

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