Project Description

Manxmen Films appointed SiliconStudio to create Titch the movie Kickstarter campaign assets and strategy with the aim to crowdfund $0.5M to make a real-life soccer drama movie.

Crowdfunding a project on Kickstarter, Indigogo etc looks really simple but the reality is that you have to put in a lot of sustained hard work to make it work. For Titch we created a brand look that reflected the Directors style and the screenplay. It reflected the essence of the story. With the base branding signed off we created a custom coded WordPress website designed specifically for film industry use.

SiliconStudio then got to work on all the art formats required for getting the word out via websites, social and email templates. We scripted the video based on the story-line and video snippets coming in from various sources. For the video we built in special effects, animated the poster art, produced voice-over segments, edited and color corrected the end result. The rough video was sent to SOUTH Music and Sound Design to create the soundtrack. The combined video was then rendered in compatible formats and posted on Vimeo, YouTube, Kickstarter, Twitter and Facebook.

With all the pre-launch assets and campaign analytic tools tested and placed we then handed the project and campaign strategy documents to the Titch team to manage the campaign Good luck lads!