Project Description

When New York based Production Company Onward & Sideways Media completed filming of “Clubbing IT” TV series they contacted SiliconStudio to create the series marketing communications and trailer. We first started with the design of the film poster which also set the tone for the trailer. We reviewed the entire series and distilled it down to a highly stylized 30 second trailer in post production, graded the media, commissioned the soundtrack and added special effects and graphics from the poster  which captured the essence of the series.

What our client said…

“You’ve given the show the kind of visual kick it needs and deserves.  I’ve been trying to compose a note to tell you how much you’ve impressed us and it comes out too sappy. I’ll just say that you’re a real pro and I’m glad we met and look forward to working with you again” Rick Lohman, Onward & Sideways Media LLC