Project Description

For Therapist Als Thompson we built a simple WordPress CMS website. Suitable stock images weren’t available to meet the client brief so we created some CGI and vector imagery for the website which was also used to make her brand mark and used in print / marketing communications.

What our client said…

There was a time I had a complete change of heart over the design I wanted on my website. SiliconStudio was supportive and understanding, taking the time to change it with no fuss made. As a result I have the design I love.

They were extremely helpful with suggestive ideas for the website, whilst striking a healthy balance of allowing me to feel in control with my choices.

I have been extremely pleased with the work produced by SiliconStudio and have been impressed their evident talents. I have no doubt in my mind that I will use SiliconStudio again sometime in the future. Thanks SiliconStudio!